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Strategic Direction - Vision and Mission


We envision our clients sharing testimonials on how we have helped them realize their strategic goals.


Our  devotion is to make a positive difference to our select clients by helping them meet the increasingly sophisticated business needs.

We offer everything you need for business take-off, growth and prosperity. We believe that individuals and organizations attain success when they take ownership of their goals and apply practical business solutions. At all times, we are guided by the following core values:

  • Integrity - We role model the firm's values and debate openly and transparently, building trust and earning respect.
  • Professionalism - We attract, develop and maintain the right talent.
  • Team work - We believe in the notion that it takes an effective team to realize our strategic goals.
  • Excellence  - We act professionally and set challenging goals by encouraging  innovation and speed. We believe that learning is an endless activity  and we pledge to always cherish it.

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Your workshop on VAT and TAX Administration Act was very informative. I definitely recommend to any organization and individual with tax consulting and training needs to engage MEKONSULT.

Michael J Bruno photo
Michael J Bruno
MetroFix Corp - Accountant