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22 May, 2017 By HLB International

HLB’s 2017 Latin America & Caribbean Regional Meeting, organised by HLB Peru, brought together over 30 delegates from the HLB network in Latin America and the USA. 

In addition to HLB speakers, the conference welcomed distinguished guest speakers: Carlos Adrianzen, Dean of the UPC School of Economics who discussed the economic and investment perspectives in the region; Rodolfo J. Cremer who presented the management of customer experience and Michael Zavaleta who discussed BEPS and the agreements of double imposition signed in Latin America. 

HLB International holds a number of international and regional conferences every year, including in Asia Pacific, North America, MENA, Australasia, Europe and Central & Eastern Europe. HLB regional conferences are a great opportunity for HLB professionals to network together and get to know each other personally. Close personal relationships between HLB members contribute to making HLB a personalised and cohesive network, thus allowing for the smooth running of clients’ business across borders. 

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Your workshop on VAT and TAX Administration Act was very informative. I definitely recommend to any organization and individual with tax consulting and training needs to engage MEKONSULT.

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